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Power Units

FreedomVanGo Adventure Power System

$6,126.00 USD

Introducing our new Small Solar Kit! This is perfect for low to mid power users on a budget. The system is comparable to our Goal Zero Integration System paired with the Yeti 3000x Generator. 

The kit comes in both a DIY option where we will send you the parts necessary so you can create an electrical set up that is specific to you. Or you can choose the Drop in Ready option that comes in our Power in a Box set up for you to drop in over your rig's wheel well so you don't have to worry about designing your own configuration! 

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Kit Includes:

8awg Wire

8awg Ring Terminals 

8awg Ferrule 

Victron Energy Midi Fuse Block 

Midi 40amp Fuse 

8awg Solar Harness with Bare Ends and 36" of Exposed Wire Outside Sheath

1/0 Wire 

1/0 5/16 Ring Terminals 

1/0 3/8 Ring Terminals 

Rj45 Wire 

Rj12 Wire

4 Spot 5/16 Busbar

Includes midi and maxi fuses as required by the manufacturer 

Redarc Manager 30 

Redarc RedVision

Cotec SP-2000 

8awg Ferrule Crimpers 

Battleborn Batteries