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Power Units

The Original Goal Zero Yeti Vehicle Power Integration Package

$1,700.00 USD

We have designed and constructed one of the easiest packages to get your van or camper up and running with power in no time!


For the add on 110v Harness, Check out the Goal Zero 110v Integration Harness we make:


For the add on Fan Wiring Harness, check out the complete kit we make!


Things of note for use with this kit:

With the Goal Zero Yeti X line (1500x/3000x/6000x)

  • A maximum of 200 watts of solar is usable in the 8mm input
  • When not using the fast charger, it needs to be disconnected from the front of the goal zero HPP port. 
  • If you would like to use more than the 200 watts of solar, remove the hpp to 8mm plug and plug the HPP cable into the HPP port. 
  • The solar harness provided is not compatible with Goal Zero Solar Panels because the connectors we provide are MC4 connectors which is the industry standard for solar panels.

Designed for low to medium power users, this is an amazing alternative to a traditional battery system.

  • Charging is handled by solar, the alternator in your vehicle, and shore power.

  • Can be installed in one afternoon!

  • Included in package:

    • Complete wiring integration kit designed by FreedomVanGo

    • Goal Zero Link unit

    • Goal Zero 8mm to APP solar cable

    • Custom Cables

    • 30 ft Custom link unit to battery cable

    • Custom Goal Zero to wall cables

    • Anderson power pole wall socket

    • 15 ft Custom solar cable to roof with solar gland and MC4 connectors installed

    • NOTE: 200 watts of solar is suggested.  8MM port can only handle 14 amps!!!!!

    • 30 ft Custom cable for forwarding mounted fuse box (Adventure Wagon) or  5 ft cable for rear-mounted fuse box (traditional installation

    • Labeled wires for ease of installation

    • Blue Sea Fuse box included or Wago Fuse Box (12awg wire is suggested for 12v/usb/and other circuits)

    • Goal Zero Yeti X 600W Power Supply
  • Simply add solar panels (no more than 200 watts) with MC4 connectors and connect your van components to your fuse box to get going!

  • Circuit breaker/fuse for connection to the vehicle not provided due to the MANY ways to connect.  

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