All Good Things Come to an End
Rewards Program

At this time we have elected to bring our rewards program to an end. Please read on to learn more about what to expect going forward. If you have questions or comments please let us know!


- You will have the ability to earn points until Feb 28th! Do this by making a purchase, creating a youtube video, or leaving a Facebook or Google Review.

-As of March 1st, the ability to earn points will go away. This does not mean you will lose th ability to use the points you have earned!

-Whatever points you have stocked up will be usable until September 2023! You have 6 months to use them or lose them.

-After September, there will be no more rewards program.

What Your Points Get Ya

Viewing & Using

To see you points and rewards, you must be logged in to view your Membership Rewards page! Make sure to check this frequntly so you don't miss out on any savings. We will also send you reminder emails when your points balance has changed, have the opporunity to redeem a reward, or if your points are close to expiring.

Use Your Reward!

Manually claim the reward on your Membership Rewards page! Once claimed, redeem your reward at check out by entering the unique discount code.

Make sure you are logged in to your acount at check out!

See below for visual instructions :)

Claim Reward!

Login to your Membership Rewards page to view your current points balance. If you have reached a rewards tier you will manually redeem them here to get your unique code.

Use at Check Out!

At check out, make sure you are logged in to your account. In the discount code area, paste your code to apply the discount to your purchase!