On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB
On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB

On-Board Twin Air Compressor by ARB

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The new ARB CKMTA12 twin on-board air compressor kits were designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high-volume compressed air source to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air powered tools, and also to suit the actuation and control needs of the ARB Air Locker, and the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air Locker user.

ARB Twin Air Compressor Applications:

  • Pneumatic supply and electrical control for ARB Air Locker(s). (Air Locker Manifold Kit #171503 required)
  • Rapid inflation of small, medium and large tires.
  • Air tools rated up to 85LPM [3CFM] @ 6Bar [90PSI] continuous supply.
  • Air tools rated higher than 85LPM [3CFM] @ 6Bar [90PSI] using an optional air tank suitable to the run time requirements.

    The Air System Kit (Sold Separately) Includes:






    ARB Twin Air Compressor Kit Includes:
    Fully assembled and tested 12 Volt on-board air compressor (24V also available).
    Complete wiring loom w/ Air Locker solenoid plug-in terminals.
    Automotive OEM quality compressor isolating switch.
    2 x relocatable splash resistant air filters with washable high-flow sintered bronze filter cartridges.
    Mounting bolts and washers.
    Comprehensive photo illustrated installation guide.
    ARB Twin Air Compressor Features:
    ARB Twin Air Compressor available in 12V (CKMTA12) or 24V (CKMTA24) models.
    12 Volt on-board air compressor is constructed primarily of light weight, high strength, engineering grade materials, including military and aerospace standard components.
    Pressure switch controlled air manifold system regulates pressure between 9.3Bar [135PSI] and 10.3Bar [150PSI] suited to air tools and all ARB Air Locker equipped vehicles.
    Highest air flow rate of any 12V compressor of its size on the market at 174LPM [6.16CFM].
    High efficiency design consumes only 56 Amps at maximum air flow.
    Built with sealed components for moisture and dust resistance.
    Hard-anodized cylinder bores and PTFE (Teflon) impregnated carbon fiber piston seals for reduced friction and maximum trouble free life.
    Ducted IP55 sealed brushless DC cooling fan and anodized motor mounting brackets effectively dissipate heat from the motors, heads and electronics allowing for a 100% duty cycle (under room temperature conditions).
    Anti-vibration / sound deadening is integrated into the mount.
    Relocatable splash resistant air filter assemblies for cleaner, cooler air supply and versatile waterproof air intake positioning.
    High density and high flow washable sintered bronze air filter elements.
    Full wiring loom included for simplified installation and easy plug-in connectivity to Air Locker control solenoids. (Note: Air Locker Manifold Kit #171503 required to mount solenoids).
    Equipped with dual heavy duty Maxi-Fuses for professional in-line circuit protection and true circuit redundancy in case of a fault.
    Motors are water sealed, 100% ball bearing equipped (i.e., no bushings used), and feature a unique linear brush pre-load system for extra long life, low heat and quiet operation throughout the life of the ARB Twin Air Compressor unit.
    ARB CKMTA12 motors are internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage.Compressor pistons are equipped with a heavy duty European made cylindrical roller bearing.
    Over-pressure safety valve equipped.
    Sealed illuminated automotive grade dash switch included with ARB CKMTA12.
    Fully serviceable and all replacement parts available.
    EMF suppressed for use in proximity to sensitive electronic equipment.
    CE and C-Tick compliant.
    Engineered, built, and individually dyno-tested in Australia from local and imported components.5

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