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FreedomVanGo 3/8 Recovery Winch Line Extensions

$180.00 USD

FreedomVanGo synthetic winch line extensions are Made in the USA and are both Berry & TAA compliant. Each extension is spliced from Samson®'s AmSteel Blue® Dyneema® SK-78 fiber. Each extension comes with two large soft eyes that are large for ease of use & ability to connect to a multitude of attachments (unlike tube thimbles), reinforced with mil-spec webbing for abrasion & cut resistance, & dual locked Brummel splices are finished with a deep bury & whipped with Samson®'s Lash It® for secure attachment. A tubular mid-body abrasion guard is included on each extension along with a safety tag including a serial number for lot traceability, item specifics & load ratings.

These extensions are well suited for static recovery & rigging. 

When in doubt a good starting point to size a winch line extension is the same diameter/strength of your winch line (if it is appropriately sized) then 30-50' for areas with plentiful anchor points (trees) to 50-100' and more for areas without plentiful anchor points (above treeline, desert, etc).


  • Made in the USA.
  • Berry & TAA compliant.
  • Stronger, quieter, lighter, safer, more adaptable, buoyant (floats), quieter, quicker & easier to use than steel cable.
  • Weighs 1/7th the weight of steel cable and IT FLOATS!
  • Appx 20-30% stronger than steel cable.
  • Does not kink like steel cable.
  • Incredibly strong for its weight.
  • Safer by design because the line recoils much less than steel cable & when it does break it has 85% less mass = much safer.
  • Can be field repaired.
  • Extremely low stretch @ 3% for safer, more controlled static winching.
  • Easy to inspect.
  • Samthane coated for extra abrasion & UV resistance.
  • Charcoal color.
  • Mid-body tubular abrasion guard. Length differs based on diameter.
  • All come tagged with serial numbers, item specifics & load ratings.
  • Custom splicing available.
  • Use literature included does not substitute for professional instruction.
  • FreedomvVanGo disclaims any & all liability & responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss to person or property that may occur when using any product sold by FreedomVanGo. Vehicle recovery involves extreme loads & can result in injury & death. Seek professional instruction in the proper use of all gear. Not for lifting or life-saving operations.
  • Lifetime limited warranty covers workmanship & materials - does not cover typical wear & tear, abuse, misuse, or breakage due to overloading.
  • For off-road use only.