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Floating Light Mount - Transit (2013+) by Van Compass

$420.00 USD

Floating Light Mount - Transit (2013+) - Trail Model Grille Design Only

Shine light on the darkness with our Floating Light Mount for the Ford Transit. Our high quality mount ensures a stable platform for driving lights to increase driver safety and visibility on those long, dark stretches through the middle of nowhere. Designed to be minimally invasive while still maintaining a sleek appearance and preserving as much of the factory aerodynamics as possible, this mount will only work with Trail Model Grille Designs.

  • Secure platform for mounting driving lights
  • Laser cut and bent mounting flanges and gussets
  • Powdercoated black
  • 100% Bolt On
  • Designed to fit Baja Designs LP9

Transit Floating Light Mount Installation Instructions:

Recommended Shop Labor Time: 4 Hours

    Trim Notes:
  • 2013-2019 Transits all grille options will require trimming
  • 2020+ Transits with standard grille (no trimming required)
  • 2020+ Transit with cab & chassis "honeycomb" grille (trimming required)
  • 2020+ Transits with TRAIL grille (no trimming required with 4078-TR)