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Cord Control | Cable Organizer

$24.99 USD

You've resolved to do better, but here you are again. Every power cord, USB cord, and phone charger cord you own are suddenly more tangled than Clark Griswold's Christmas lights! How did you allow this chaotic mess to happen again!? Your like the problem guy from an infomercial; the one who is always shown in black and white film footage. You know the guy — he's always the one who is burning his dinner in a cruddy old pan or losing his mind over plastic wrap that won't tear properly. When did life get so complicated? How much time has been wasted untangling that mess? And really — all you need is one cord from the whole jumble anyway!

Our Cord Control is a great way to sort and organize those out-of-control cords! It features a loop Velcro exterior so you can stick it to any hook Velcro platform. It has four ITW web dominators inside that allow you to store four separate cords. The Cord Control rolls closed so you can easily drop it into your everyday carry bag. It features a hook and loop closure. Don't be the infomercial guy in black and white; nobody wants to be that guy! Get our Cord Control today and tame that tangled mess once and for all!

 Product Features:

  • Made of 2" mil-spec webbing
  • Includes four we dominators for cord organization
  • Hook and Loop velcro closure
  • Loop velcro backing allows for attachment to hook velcro platforms
  • Dimensions: 13.5x2"
  • Color: Black
  • Handcrafted in the USA