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Dometic 200 (9500 Series) Campervan Roof Rack Case Awning - Manual Op. - 12 Ft.

$1,369.53 USD

This awning is made to order, the estimated production time is 3 to 5 weeks.

Dometic™ 200 (9500 Series) Campervan Roof Rack Case Awning - Manual Operation - 12 Ft.

The Dometic 200 manual case awning is an alternative to the Fiamma F45S awinng. Designed to be vertically mounted making it ideal for campervans with roof racks. The unique shoulder bracket design allows the awning to be used at full extension with no vertical supports , giving you unobstructed enjoyment of your patio space. Durable 4-ply vinyl fabric keeps you cool and has outstanding resistance to fading, scratching and staining.
Manual Crank Operation
To open this awning, start by placing the hook end of the hand crank into the gear’s eye. Then rotate hand crank until the awning is fully extended. To close the awning, simply reverse the rotation until the awning is closed.
Product Information
Fabric Color
Case Color
 Black/ White
Awning Width
 12 Ft.
Mounting Style
 Wall Mounted
**This product is on a 2-3month backorder