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Eberspaecher / Espar Airtronic S2-D2L Commercial - SPRINTER

$1,499.00 USD

2019 version Espar / Eberspacher Airtronic S2-D2L 12v Commercial Air Heater With Installation Kit,

This is the newest available D2L from Espar/Eberspaecher

The new Airtronic family is the logical further development of the wildly successful Eberspaecher air heater. With its robust components and the latest control system, the Airtronic now features both functional expansions and longer service life. A new brushless motor has extended service life to 5000 hours and it's quieter. The fuel metering pump acoustics are also improved. This is a very nice heater!

The 2019 Airtronic S2-D2L also has altitude adjustment built-in. No more need for the additional modules.

Includes EasyStart Pro Timer

Fuel type: Diesel

Voltage: 12 Volts

Max Power 2.2 kW

  • Espar / Eberspaecher NEW Airtronic S2-D2L
  • 7500 BTU on Boost mode
  • Stepless heating control
  • Brushless motor - 5000 service life
  • Starting capability down to -46C (-50F)
  • Auto Altitude adjustment up to 3000M
  • Noise emission optimized
  • Use of acoustically improved metering pump