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Fire Extinguisher MOLLE Pouch - Medium

$35.99 USD

Here are some facts about fire that you may not have known:

Did you know, that a natural gas vent in Iraq has been burning for over 4000 years? Known as The Eternal Fire, it has been referenced by the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, and the Greek biographer and essayist, Plutarch. It's even mentioned in Daniel in the Old Testament Book of the Bible.

Here's some irony for you: Nobody knows who invented the fire hydrant because ... drum roll ... the patent was destroyed in a fire.

In 258 A.D., St. Lawrence was martyred by being roasted to death on a griddle. After he'd been roasting for a time, he allegedly said: "I am done on this side; you may turn me over now”. For his razor-sharp wit, the church made him the Patron Saint of chefs ... and comedians.

Is all of this true? Most likely. But here's one fire fact you can't get around. Stuff is flammable. Fire happens. People have been known to lose their eyebrows in a split second whoosh! We've created the MOLLE Fire Extinguisher Pouch to keep your fire extinguisher ready and accessible. It features MOLLE attachment webbing that will secure to a seat back panel or backpack. A carabineer or GrimLoc through the top webbing loops makes them "clippable." It also features a Velcro Platform for ID panels or vanity patches. A paracord drawstring holds the extinguisher in place. It also features our leather brand logo. Made in the USA.

Product Features
    • Fits a number of containers including a 1 qt. Nalgene bottle, Clorox wipe containers, and campfire extinguishers
    • Made of 500D nylon cordura
    • Paracord drawstring and ITW Barrel lock secure contents in place
    • Features a large Velcro platform for ID panels or vanity patches
    • MOLLE webbing attachment systems allow the pouch to secure to a seatback panel or backpack
    • Color | Black
    • Handcrafted in the USA