FreedomVanGo Dog Leash

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Have the coolest off road dog in the area!

C4RS synthetic winch line dog leashes are Made in the USA & hand spliced in-house from Samson®'s AmSteel Blue® Dyneema® SK-78 fiber, the same material we use to make our legit winch lines and winch line extensions.

    Available in charcoal & orange.
    Comes with 1 or 2 hand holds. Contact Us for had holds. For a single hand hold the hold is in the traditional position. For dual hand holds the second hand hold is near the leash clasp as seen in pictures.
    Available in 1/4" or 5/16" diameters. If your dog pulls hard you might want to go with the 5/16" go help go easy on your wrist.
    Standard 6’ length. Contact Us for other lengths.
    Custom splicing available - Contact Us.
    Collar clip is easily removable & replaceable.
    Fully spliced - no stitching.
    Lifetime limited warranty covers workmanship & materials. This leash is chew resistant - but - this warranty doesn't cover your dog chewing on the leash.

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