FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS
FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS
FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS
FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS
FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS

FreedomVanGo Soft Shackles X Long by C4RS

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FreedomVanGo soft shackles are Made in the USA, spliced in-house @ C4RS & are both Berry & TAA compliant. Each soft shackle is spliced & tied @ C4RS from Samson®'s AmSteel Blue® Dyneema SK-78 fiber. Soft shackles provide for ease of use & ability to connect to a multitude of locations that a typical metal bow shackle could not such as roll cages, tube bumpers, tube sliders, joining lines & straps, etc.

Each soft shackle comes with a slip noose that tightens over a knot to make a closed connection. A tubular abrasion guard is included that is easily removed for replacement or when not desired. A whip is placed near the base of each knot to keep both legs equally weighted as they enter the knot. Each soft shackle comes with a safety tag including a serial number for lot traceability, item specifics & load ratings.

FreedomVanGo soft shackles are well suited for static recovery & rigging. A great way to attach recovery lines or straps together, or to surfaces such as bumpers, sliders, roll cages, rounded recovery points, hitch recovery point inserts, etc that have rounded edges & no sharp corners. Useful in many instances where a traditional hard shackle will not work. Also great used in general off road vehicle rigging & recovery.


1/2" = 47,200 lbs ABS.

11,800 lbs WLL.

Typically suitable for midweight 4WD vehicles such as built Toyota 4 Runners, built 4 door Jeep Wranglers, etc up to heavier vehicles such as 3/4 and some 1 ton trucks.

    Made in the USA.
    Berry & TAA compliant.
    Available in 7 diameters / strengths from 1,270 lbs (see Baby Soft Shackle listing) to 91,000 lbs strong ABS (average break strength) as well as available in 2-3 lengths per diameter.
    Comes in orange & dark charcoal with a section of loose fit abrasion guard for all sizes except 7/8". 7/8" comes in blue.
    Made from Samson®'s Amsteel Blue®, Dyneema SK-78 fiber.
    WLLs (working load limits) calculated at a 4:1 safety factor.
    Standard, X Long (2x length of standard) & 2X Long (3x length of standard). More in depth measurements underway.
    Works best on smooth, rounded surfaces. Avoid sharp & angular edges as well as dynamic (kinetic/snatch) recoveries.
    Incredibly strong for its weight.
    Extremely low stretch @ 3%.
    Easy to inspect.
    Samthane coated for extra abrasion & UV resistance.
    All come tagged with serial numbers, item specifics & load ratings.
    Use literature included does not substitute for professional instruction.
    C4RS disclaims any & all liability & responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to person or property that may occur when using any product sold by C4RS. Vehicle recovery involves extreme loads & can result in injury & death. Seek professional instruction in the proper use of all gear. Not for lifting or life saving operations.
    Lifetime limited warranty covers workmanship & materials - does not cover typical wear & tear,abuse, misuse or breakage due to overloading.
    For off road use only.

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