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Goal Zero 110v integration Kit

$450.00 USD

To compliment the Goal Zero Vehicle Integration kit, we have put together an all in one, almost drop in solution for your 110v (household plug) needs!

This will allow you to do things like run a blender, keurig, laptop charging, and more by giving you a pair of outlets. 
Traditionally, this allows you to have an outlet just behind the driver seat on the wall, as well as just behind the slider door as well on the wall.  

This harness includes enough wire to account for longer vans (except the 170EXT sprinter) and should leave you with enough wire to have to trim some!

Included in the package:
12/2 Stranded THHN Wire
Braided wire sheathing
Marine Grade Heat Shrink Terminals and Connections
Two Shallow Wall mount boxes
Two Outlets
Two Outlet Covers
Extra Heat Shrink for covering trimmed wire braid edge
Wall Plug 
Extension to plug from Goal Zero unit to Wall Plug

Entire install should take about 2 hours or less start to finish!