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Lightforce HTX 2 Single Pack

$650.00 USD


The all-new Australian made HTX is the ultimate fusion of HID and LED technology, providing the instant flood of LED combined with the unmatched long-distance of HID, eliminating the need for additional spotlights and bars.


  • Combined HID and LED produces 1 LUX @ 1768m
  • 70w HID bulb within 170mm reflector for distance
  • 20 x genuine Lumileds LEDs providing flood beam pattern
  • Lightweight glass-filled nylon composite housing
  • 6063 extruded aluminium for optimum heat dissipation
  • IP69k rated to protect against moisture/contaminant ingress
  • UV stable hard-coated impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High current waterproof connector
  • Genuine Gore® waterproof membrane with mechanical seal
  • Over, under and reverse voltage protection, thermal overload protection
  • Australian made
  • 3 year warranty.


More Information
Distance: 1 lux at 1650m (Pair)
Distance: 0.25 lux at 3,536m (Pair)
Lumens Effective 8050
Raw Lumens 11770
Colour Temperature 5000K
CRI 70
Current Draw 11.5Amps @ 12V
Voltage Range 10V - 16V DC
Wattage 130W
Ingress Protection Rating IP69K
Weight 2.3kg including bracket



HTX2 Beam Shot

HTX2 Pair of Driving Lights Photometrics - Spot Filters  1 LUX at 1656m

HTX2 Spot Photometric

HTX2 Pair of Driving Lights Photometrics - Combo Filters  1 LUX at 1102m

HTX2 Combo Photometric
HTX Hybrid Driving Light


The combination of HID and LED offers amazing performance with 1 Lux at over 1,650 metres and .25 Lux at over 3.3 kilometres. The HID bulb and LEDs operate consistently at pure white 5000K, so they match more accurately than before. Now both the HID and LEDs have a CRI of 70 for better colour rendering. This makes it easier to distinguish different objects on the road ahead, so there are no surprises and less eye fatigue.


Lightforce has redesigned the seals in the HTX2 and they now have a fully integrated waterproof plug. These features, combined with the Genuine Gore® waterproof membrane with mechanical seal have allowed us to attain superior ingress protection surpassing IP68 and IP69K levels so the HTX2 is dustproof, fully submersible and can withstand high-pressure water and steam jets.

HTX2 LED and HID Light
Lightforce HTX2 Hybrid Driving Light


With three modes of operation (LED only, HID only and both at once) and a three-year warranty, the Australian-made HTX2 Hybrid Driving Light gives adventure drivers the ability to master the dark and extend their day as was never possible before. Available in 12 and 24 volts, our leading driving light is now compatible with more rigs than ever before.

HTX2 Photometric