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Owl Vans Sprinter Tire Carrier for 2019+ (including 2020 Revel)

$998.00 USD

Introducing the ALL-NEW Owl Tire carrier for 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Vans. We didn’t want to change the DNA of the Owl carrier that has made it one of the leading products in the industry. That said, the new architecture of the Mercedes door has caused a variety of changes.

The new VS30 (2019+) tire carrier is even faster to install, closer to the door and even more solid. Since Mercedes removed the magnetic stopper in the door on 2019+, we engineered a new mounting point and a single hole must be drilled for installation. Don’t worry, we include a mistake-free template and specialty step-drillbit to make installation a breeze.


  • Fits Sprinter 2019 and model year 2020 Revel

  • Installs in about 20 minutes

  • Works with hinges on 2020 REVEL

  • Requires 180˚ hinges (See hinge info below) selecting 270˚ hinges below will add to your order the Factory Mercedes Benz Hinge Replacement kit.

  • Retains almost the full 180˚ opening of the door

  • Does not interfere with parking sensors

  • Lightweight and Rugged

  • Mandrel-bent 2” steel tube construction

  • Dual-layer powder coating with self-healing base primer

  • Trail tested for thousands of miles

  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers

  • Color: Black

  • Due to the volume of current orders item ships in approximately 10 - 12 weeks from order


There are two types of hinges on the new 2019+ Sprinter, 180˚ and 270˚. Only the 180˚ hinges have holes to mount our carriers from the factory. If you have 270˚ hinges, you will need to select 180° hinges from the drop-down menu below. We sell these at our wholesale cost and powder coat them black to match Owl Carriers. ALL 2020 REVELs have 180˚ hinges.

What Type Of Hinges Do I Have?

  • There are two types of hinges that come on the VS30 MB Sprinter (2019+) vans, 180˚ and the 270˚. Owl carriers require the 180˚ hinges or a set of our modified 270˚ hinges (sold separately). All Winnebago REVELs have the 180˚ hinges. To figure out what type of hinges you have there are a few easy options:

    1. Look at the attached image. If you have holes in your hinges then you have the 180˚ hinges (top in the image).

    2. If your doors open all the way and fold flat along the side of the van you have the 270˚ hinges.

    Verify your hinges before ordering. Owl will not pay return shipping on mistaken orders. If you are unsure ask us! :)