Winnebago Ekko DC-DC Converter Kit by RoamRig

Winnebago Ekko DC-DC Converter Kit by RoamRig

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The Winnebago Ekko is a great vehicle and can be purchased with a large power system (up to 640ah). The 170A alternator installed by Winnebago has VERY limited output at low idle (around 50A). This kit will boost charging by 50A across the board (from idle to redline) so you will see 100A at idle and up to 220A when driving!

Additionally, this kit can act as a redundant backup to the auxiliary alternator system installed by Winnebago. If the auxiliary alternator goes down, this will provide 50A of charging from the stock Ford Transit alternator.

The kit comes with a Kisae DMT1250 DC-DC converter and MPPT Solar controller, 2ga wires, and other hardware needed for the installation.

The instructions for the kit are for the earlier ekkos, however the same components and locations are present in the newer ones, just under the bench. 

Install Instructions below:

Ekko DC/DC Charger Installation

Our DC-DC converter kit adds a Kisae DMT1250 charger between the Ford alternator and the WInnebago house batteries. This DC-DC charger adds 50A of charging from low idle all the way to redline, increasing the low idle output to approximately 100A and the cruise output to over 200A. If the 170A system fails for any reason, you will still have 50A of charging from this independent charging system.

Kit Contents:
• 1x Kisae DMT1250 DC-DC charger
• Wires needed to connect the DC-DC charger to the Ford alternator system
• Mounting hardware and zip ties
• Installation instructions

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