Ekko Regulator Relocation Kit by RoamRig

Ekko Regulator Relocation Kit by RoamRig

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If you have a 2022 Winnebago Ekko with the Balmar alternator regulator mounted under the hood, you have probably heard of all the regulator failures. We suspect that these are in part due to the regulator’s location close to a VERY hot turbocharger. On 2023 Ekkos, Winnebago moved the regulator to a far cooler spot near the batteries.  We have a kit available to move the regulator to under the "jump" seats on 2022 Ekkos to ensure that your Regulator is not being cooked by the turbocharger.

Kit comes with wires, connectors, heat shrink, and fasteners needed to move the regulator according to the instructions we provide (see below for instructions).

To understand what is needed to install the kit, see the installation instructions here.

When installing this kit, we recommend changing a few simple calibrations in the regulator to make charging more predictable and reliable. Detail is included in the installation instructions.

Kit Contents:
• Custom harness
• Electrical connectors/fasteners
• Install instructions

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