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Van Compass Ford Transit Front Tow Point 2013+

$255.00 USD

Add function to the Ford Transit with a Van Compass™ front tow point. The Ford Transit does not include a factory front tow point to safely pull the van from. This tow point bolts to the frame and protrudes through the front plastic bumper cover. An aluminum cover plate is included for a clean, finished look.  Designed to utilize a 7/8" D-ring to secure a tow rope or winch line to the vehicle. The tow point can be installed on the driver or passenger side of the van. For a symmetrical look and optimum pulling strength, a tow point can be installed on each side of the vehicle.  Sold individually for one side of the vehicle, purchase two if a tow point is desired on both driver and passenger side of the vehicle.  Metal and plastic cutting is required for installation. Please reference the instructions below before ordering.

*** We recommend pulling as straight as possible when using this tow point. The Transit frame is not built strong for sideways pulling. 

  • 3/4" Steel - Front Hook
  • 1/4" Steel - Mounting plate and gussets
  • 3/16" Steel - Bumper connection brackets
  • Aluminum cut cover plate
  • Mounting hardware 
  • Black textured powder coating

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