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Velcro Flat Pouch - 12 x 5"

$12.49 USD

The 5 x 12" hook flat pouch has two strips of Velcro on the back, which will conveniently allow you to attach it to our other, bigger bags. There's nothing worse than filling your little pouch with really useful things — like pens, pencils, gloves, lighters, windproof matches, and a compass — then losing the pouch, curses! The Velcro really helps with that. It also comes with clear, string-reinforced vinyl so you can easily grab whatever small whimdiddly you need at the moment!


Product Features
    • Made of 500D nylon cordura
    • Dimensions | 5 x 12"
    • Hook & loop attaching system
    • String-reinforced, clear vinyl front allows for easy identification of contents
    • Color | Black
    • Handcrafted in the USA