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Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module

$399.95 USD



Quickly and easily recharge a Yeti Lithium from your vehicle while on the move.

When placed in "Car Mode," Yeti Link allows you to safely pull power from your vehicle's alternator. Charge rates vary from 25A - 50A (300W - 750W) depending on Yeti Lithium size and capacity.

NOTE: Link must be in Car Mode to utilize this feature or it will drain your vehicle’s battery. All Links comes standard set in "Tank Mode." To switch from Tank Mode to Car Mode, push pinhole reset button on top of the Link four times. When Link is in Car Mode, all four indicator lights will turn on and blink together. To switch back to Tank Mode, press pinhole reset button four more times. When Link is in Tank Mode, lights will scroll from bottom to top individually.



  • Max Input from Yeti Tank to

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000 454-605W

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1500 454-750W

  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000 750W


  • Do not exceed 22V input

  • 8mm Charging Port (input): 14 - 22V Do not exceed 150W (10A) per port

  • External Battery Connector (ouput): 65A charge controller


  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (680 g)

  • Dimensions: 10.25 x 3.3 x 1.5 in (26 x 8.4 x 3.8 cm)

  • Warranty 12 months