Military Discount!

Using GOVX, we are now able to offer you 5% Military Discount on featured Van Parts Warehouse items! Here's everything you need to know

Getting Started

You might already have a GOVX account, but here's a quick run down of everything you'll need to get set up if you have not already. Click here to sign up on the GOVX website.

GOVX is used by many other brands so by signing up, you aren't only eligible for VPWH discounts, but discounts anywhere that uses the GOVX app!

How it Works

Follow the steps below to ensure you're getting 5% on items you purchase! Reminder: Not every product is eligible for the discount.

Eligble Brands and Products

Important Details:

-At this time we are only extending the discount to Military memebers, whether active duty or veteran. We understand that GOVX allows for first responders, educators, and others to sign up but we currently only offering military discount.

-5% discount is applied ONLY to those brands and items listed above and you MUST use the GOVX discount code in order to get the discount. If you are military and you do not sign up for GOVX or use the discount code from them you won't receive the discount. The discount is also NOT applicable to past orders.

-In house discounts and discount on van builds will be given on two conditions. First, you must let us know you're military as soon as we start your build process. This will be during our first phone calls and emails. Second, you must be signed up for GOVX and show us proof that you are. Important: ONLY Military and spouses will be eligible for build discounts, please do not use your friend's or parent's GOVX account.

-Van Build discounts are only on the products themselves. The same products that are discounted on Van Parts Warehouse will be discounted on your build as well. The discount does not extend to the build as a whole, labor costs, or products that are not eligible.