Boondocking Power System 200-800ah by FreedomVanGo
Boondocking Power System 200-800ah by FreedomVanGo
Boondocking Power System 200-800ah by FreedomVanGo
Boondocking Power System
Boondocking Power System
Boondocking Power System
Boondocking Power System
Fan for Boondocking Power System
Fuses and terminals for Boondocking Power System
AC Panel for Boondocking Power System

Boondocking Power System 200-800ah by FreedomVanGo

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With the popularity of our drop-in Boondocking Power In a Box unit, we decided to take all the stuff we learned, and put it into a simple, ready to go package that allows the end-user to put together their own power system in whatever cabinet, wall, wheel well assembly or area that you want!  

Anywhere from 2.4KWH all the way to 12KWH of power!  Largest power and most compact unit for the power on the market!

We have put together a package that has 98% of everything you need to put together a functional power system with the awesome capability and expandable capacity that Victron offers!

We ship you the wires, terminals, parts, pieces, as well as email you a high-resolution wiring diagram that details all the wire sizes, where they go and more to make the installation painless 

We make all the wire measurements based on a 170EXT van (so more than you need) to go from the front to the rear of the van where we typically install our system on the driver side rear of the van.  We install most of the components within a few feet of the battery so that's what we factor in when sizing and allow a little extra to give some leeway and flexibility. 

The ability to upgrade to the 100/50 solar controller, as well as the Touch 50 and Cerbo GX is available as well!  Contact for more info if you would like :)

Purchase of the DIY Kit assumes some knowledge of electrical assembly.  Ability to read wiring diagrams (supplied), crimping, use a multimeter, reading of instruction manuals, and ability to adapt instructions to practical application.  We have the ability to provide limited guidance for individual applications and deviations from the prescribed layout.  If you have any concerns about your ability please let us know and we can help guide you!


Shipping Rates are calculated for residential addresses. If your shipping address is a commercial address, please contact us for a shipping quote.


Box Dimensions: 49.5" L x 15" W x 26" H

Package Includes:

Marine Grade Wires and Terminals

Victron Energy MEGA Fuses

Victron Energy MultiPlus 3000 12v

Victron Energy Lynx Distributor

Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 (upgradable to 100/50)

Victron Energy Battery Monitor BMV-712

Victron Energy Digital Multi Control

Victron Energy Smart Battery Protect 12/24V 220A

Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle

Victron Energy LIFEPO4 Battery 12, 8V/200AH Smart

Victron Energy Smart BMS CL 12/100

Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB (VE BUS to USB)

Blue Sea Systems–ST Blade Fuse Block

Blue Sea Mini Battery Switches, M-Series, Single Circuit

Blue Sea Panel 120VAC Main + 1 Pos

and more!

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