1" x 30&
1" x 30&
1" x 30&
1" x 30&
1" x 30&

1" x 30' Kinetic Recovery Rope Gray by Rhino USA

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The Rhino USA Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is the safest and most efficient way to recover a stuck vehicle. Because it’s able to stretch and store 4x more energy than a tow strap, it provides a much smoother and safer recovery. Backed by a LIFETIME warranty and world-class customer service from a family-owned company, it’s worth every penny.

The Ultimate Recovery Tool

The Rhino USA Kinetic Energy Rope is the ultimate recovery tool, superior to tow straps in every way. For starters, our kinetic energy rope stretches up to 30%, while tow-straps only stretch about 8%. This extra stretch allows for a much smoother “yank” on both the rescue and recovery vehicle. Not only is this smoother and more gentle, but it’s a lot safer as well.

If you drive a 4x4, truck, jeep, ATV, or any other towing vehicle, a kinetic energy rope is a must-have. With this bad boy in your recovery arsenal, you can feel the confidence and peace of mind knowing you have the absolute best (and safest) tool for the job.

Heavy-Duty Storage Bag Included

Staying organized in a truck that’s fully stocked with recovery gear and other accessories can be a challenge. That’s why our most of our gear comes with a convenient, high-quality storage bag. This keeps you organized and ensures you will always be able to locate your shackles when you need them.


-11,300 LBS working load limit
-33,900 LBS min. break strength
-Up to 30% more stretch for a smoother "yank" and safer overall recovery.
-Heavy duty storage bag included!
-Sticker pack included

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