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AM Auto Passenger Rear Quarter Screened Half-Slider Window - Mercedes Sprinter 144" WB 07-22

$599.95 USD


Lead Time: Currently out of stock until end of June 

AMA ( AM Auto) specializes in supplying toughened safety glass, aluminum-framed bonded slider windows. The products have been accredited by global quality certification including China Compulsory Certification (3C), the US DOT, the European ECE, and Japan JIS. Manufactured in China by one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world.

The slider windows feature a solar privacy glass, designed to fit OEM body stampings and utilize the factory cut-hole. The glass has excellent UV filtration at only 17% allowable UV’s.

Simply slide glass and screen independently for a screened or non-screened opening. The fabric screen mesh is housed in an aluminum frame with upper Y springs that allow the screen to be removed by pushing the screen up into the top channel and popping the bottom of the frame out of the lower channel.

To secure the window simply flip up a small paddle latch at the lower middle portion of the window. This will have the latch in a vertical position blocking the screen and glass from being able to slide open.

AMA (AM Auto) products carry with them a 6-month Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

How Do I Install This Window?

The Sprinter Van Window utilizes the factory metal stamping, on the interior of the van you will notice an area where the inner metal ends. Here is a photo to clarify. You will cut right along that edge all the way around your van may have multiple upright you will cut those out straight with your opening