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Blue Sea Mini Battery Switches, M-Series, Single Circuit 6006

$37.99 USD

The same switch we use in virtually all of our installations!

Blues Sea Systems compact high-amperage switches are vapor/ignition protected and UL listed.  The M-Series are 300 Amp continuous rated for outboards, small gasoline or diesel engines.  300 Amps continuous, 500 Amps (5 mins.) intermittent rating. Crank rating (10 sec.) 1500 Amps (1 min.) 775 Amps.


  • Advanced Multi Stage Charging
  • Built In Safety Features
  • Durable Aluminum Case
  • One-piece terminal stud design never loosen over time
  • Case design allows surface, rear, or front panel mounting options
  • Selector type battery switches with a "make or break" contact design allows switching without power interruption