Falcon 3.3 SP2 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks - Winnebago Sprinter Ekko 23b Pair by Van Compass
Falcon 3.3 SP2 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks - Winnebago Sprinter Ekko 23b Pair by Van Compass

Falcon 3.3 SP2 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks - Winnebago Sprinter Ekko 23b Pair by Van Compass

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  • 10 compression damping settings with the 3.3 fast adjust knob
  • Internal SP2 free bleed adjustment allows for 2 distinct tune profiles
  • Increase in comfort and vehicle control
  • Enhanced cornering stability
  • Reduced sway and wind buffeting
  • Controls large and small bumps more effectively than factory shocks
  • 100% bolt on with basic tools

Tuned shock absorbers are one of the best bang for the buck upgrades for any vehicle. Proper damping can make or break the ride comfort and vehicle control, and low quality factory units are quickly overwhelmed. Falcon's shocks represent a pinnacle of intelligent deign. Built to our specifications and tune, we've applied everything we've learned over the years of tuning custom and modified vehicles to bring increased levels of comfort, compliance, and control to adventure vans and RV's. With a superior damper, we're able to effectively reduce sway from wind and obstacles, while simultaneously controlling large and small bumps more effectively.

Falcons's 3.3 Fast adjust shocks technical features:

  • 2.3" aluminum body dissipates heat and resists corrosion.
  • Full 2" Damper piston (238% increase over stock)
  • 3/4" diameter hard chromed shaft resists impact and corrosion.
  • High pressure nitrogen charge ensures cavitation free operation

The red 3.3 fast adjust knob combines industry leading adjustment range with intuitive and easy compression adjustment while the shock is installed. Position 1 is the lightest setting, great for blasting down washboard roads or rough city streets. Position 2 is a mid setting with 8 micro adjustments, a great way to dial in the ride and handling setting for daily driver preference. Position 3 is the firmest setting, used for occasional heavy loads or when driving conditions require the most control. The SP2 mode adjust feature is an internal bypass port (free bleed circuit) set during installation. Closing off this port drastically changes the shock rebound and compression characteristics and essentially allows us to put 2 tune profiles into one shock. This setting is chosen when installing the shocks based on vehicle weight and ride preference. The shocks are manufactured as left and right pairs. The 3.3 fast adjust knob is placed in a spot that is easy to see and adjust.

-Tuned 3.3 Fast Adjust Reservoir Shocks, 1 pair
-Shock Boots

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