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Expedition Handle 2.0 For Ladder / Tire Carrier (For Rotopax/Shovels)

$139.98 USD

Expand the versatility of your Ladder + Tire Carrier with the NEW Owl Expedition Handle. The Expedition handle allows you to mount Rotopax jugs to the back of your tire. Carry critical fluids like diesel fuel, freshwater, or DEF fluid and more, safely outside the vehicle. Best of all this handle works with the Owl Carrier you already own.

  • Installs in seconds

  • *Rotopax locking mount, Rotopax jugs and Shovel sold separately

  • Works with Owl Ladder + Tire Carriers & Expedition Tire Carriers

  • Not compatible with stand-alone tire carriers

  • Intended to mount a single Rotopax jug

  • Some adjustments to the all-thread on the ladder (with included additional nut) may be needed depending on your wheel-tire combination.

We have a limited number of handles in stock. When those are sold out, it may take several weeks to re-stock.