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FlareSpace Flares Mercedes Sprinter 144"

$1,800.00 USD


Flare Description 

Flarespace fiberglass Sprinter flares increase the interior space inside of your van. All flares are always sold in pairs. The price you pay is for 2 flares — a driver's side flare and a passenger side flare.

The Flarespace Half Slider window now includes a window shade and bug screen.

Flares open up space in your van - see the chart here!

Window Comparison
How does the Flarespace slider window compare to the CRL slider window? We get this question a lot lately, so we've created a handy chart comparing the features of both. 

View the comparison chart.

Please note: Flarespace Space Saver Trim Rings are only compatible with the Arctic tern awning window.



Check out the Flarespace Trim Rings for the perfect finishing touch to your flare bump out. 

Production Timeline
We are currently about 4 weeks out on the production of all fiberglass parts. Shipping takes about a week, so you should receive your fiberglass parts 5 weeks after ordering.