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FreedomVanGo Roof Rack DIY Clamp Mounts

$31.00 USD

These USA made and machined Aluminum clamps are made specifically for our FreedoVanGo Roof racks with a 1.33 tube diameter fitting. 

They are designed and engineered for a solid, tight fit to hold anything from tools, to solar panels and more! Expand your FVG Roof Rack with anything you can think of using these clamps. 

Each clamp has stainless steel hardware, a lasting satin black coating, two 5/16 tapped holes for mounting your various items, and two centering holes to provide a way to make sure your accessories dont turn. 

Sold as an individual clamp. Each clamp comes with two halves, two allen head bolts for securing to the rack, and a 5/16 bolt to secure your project to the clamp.