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Glove Dispenser Pouch

$29.99 USD

Sometimes you never know who will join your road trip at the last second. And dammit, while your BFF climbing into the passenger seat is an awesome addition, — his highly sensitive, motion-sickness-afflicted dog is another story. While you have nothing but love for Spot, one sharp curve and he's suddenly a canine super-soaker of regurgitation. Not something you want to clean (or make your buddy clean) bare-handed!

In such an instance, you'll never appreciate access to a box of gloves so much in your life! That's why we've come up with the perfect storage solution to have crucial hand protection ready. Our glove box holder is the perfect place to store that precious nitrile!

Product Features
    • Made of 500D nylon cordura
    • Hook attaching back will stick to any loop platform
    • Dimensions | Fits box size 8.5 x 5 x 3.75"
    • Large, easy-to-grip zipper pulls
    • Mil-spec zipper
    • Includes opening on one side so that gloves can be accessed quickly and easily in an emergency.
    • **Does NOT include a box of nitrile gloves**
    • Great for dispensing gloves for use in messy situations, including:
      first-aid emergencies, food preparation, vehicle repair, and cleaning up dog explosions.
    • Hand-crafted in the USA