GTX – 320 Amp Hour Lithium Battery by Lithionics
GTX – 320 Amp Hour Lithium Battery by Lithionics
GTX – 320 Amp Hour Lithium Battery by Lithionics

GTX – 320 Amp Hour Lithium Battery by Lithionics

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315 amp hours (4096 watt hours)

These are very high quality lithium batteries. We encourage you to review the video on this page comparing them to another popular battery used in camper vans.

  • State-of-the-art lithium battery with integrated NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure the batteries are operated within their rated specifications. Unlike many competitors which offer lower quality MOSFET based BMS designs, Lithionics uses heavy duty contactors for BMS on/off switching controlled by a custom microprocessor.
  • Small form factor – a great way to squeeze the most battery capacity into a small space like a van – much smaller than using a bank of “typical” 100 amp hour batteries.
  • Integrated heater for charging/discharging in all climates and conditions.
  • Built-in Bluetooth allowing you to monitor battery voltage, state-of-charge, temperature, current, and status code from the Lithionics iOS or Android app.

Internal/Integrated Neverdie® BMS Features:

-NeverDie® Power Reserve (Spare Fuel) for Hotel Loads and Engine Cranking
-Over-Charge, Over-Discharge and Short-Circuit Protection (LVC, HVC, SCC)
-Low/High Temperature Charge/Discharge Protection
-Internal Heating Kit: Permits Charging as low as -20C/-4F
-Pushbutton On/Off switch for Safety and Storage
-Battery Gauge and Status Codes for Health Monitoring
-Bluetooth wireless telemetry with Lithionics Battery iOS and Android app
-CANbus telemetry in the RVIA RV-C format (M12)
-An alternator Field Control Circuit (FCC) (AMPSEAL8)
-Remote LED illuminated On/Off Power switch (AMPSEAL8)

Product Specs:
-Model: GTX12V320A-E2107-CS200
-Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
-Nominal Capacity: 320 AH
-Nominal Watt Hours: 4096 WH
-Internal Resistance: <3 Millohms
-Charging Temp Range: 32F/ 0C to 131F/55C
-Charge Voltage: 14.4V Recommended, 14.6V Maximum
-Recommended Float Charge Voltage: 13.4V-13.6V
-Recommended Charge Current: 150A
-Allowed Maximum Charge Current: 200A
-Discharge Temperature Range: -4F/-20C to 131F/55C
-OutPut Voltage Range: 10.4V to 13.4V
-Recommended Discharge Current: 150A
-Max Discharge Current: 230A
-Pulse Discharge Current: 1200A
-Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: NeverDie Power Reserve @ 12.00V Low-Voltage Cut Off @ 10.4V
-Length: 20.3"
-Width: 6.4"
-Height: 10.0"
-Weight: Approx 68lbs (30.8kg)

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