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Promaster - Windshield Shade by Vanmade Gear

$335.00 USD


  • Uses the vehicle's sun visors to stay up
  • Fiberglass rods are integrated inside the product to prevent sag
  • Default exterior facing color is Black, which performs well, but if you expect to be in to be extremely sunny climates, it is recommended to upgrade to Marine-Grade Reflective
  • Revisible; choose black interior and reflective exterior to get the best of both worlds between low-profile and max performance!
  • Insulated with Low-E (blocks 97% of radiant heat)
  • lifetime warranty & satisfaction guarantee
  • Interior Color: Olive Gray Ripstop
  • Exterior Color: Black Ripstop

Travato owners: this shade is NOT compatible with Winnebago’s optional accordion-style shade system.