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The Original Revel Shower Door Molle Panel

$240.00 USD

We found in our revel, that there was a huge amount of wasted space on the front and back of the shower door.  We decided to create an aluminum Molle Panel that allows you to Use that space to store things.  

You have the ability to use either the standard Molle Pouches you can find in our store or online, or simply hang, velcro, or lash things to it!


Simple installation using 6 stainless 1" screws and spacers.  We do however recommend that you thru bolt the panels if you are wanting to hang anything substantial on it.  Also recommend adding a dab of silicone as you screw the panel in to keep the door water tight as you are adding a penetration.  

Overall a quick add on to gain a ton more storage options!

Finish will be satin black with laser etched Revel Logo and Owl/FVG logos