RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse
RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse
RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse
RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse
RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse

RoamRest Adventure Wagon Replacement Transit Traverse

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We do not typically keep this item in stock, but are still able to get it for you! Please contact us so we can help get your order set. It will not ship directly from FVG as we rely on our awesome vedors to help us out with shipping, but will be able to keep you up to date and informed about your order!

Rolling 2-3 week lead time! 

Upgrade your Adventure Wagon conversion van with RoamRest’s most comfortable mattress; offered in popular sizes for the Sprinter and Transit Traverse platform models. 

Advanced Foam Technology

Our 5″ thick foam offers the best combination of high performance and low profile, so you can get all-night comfort without sacrificing desired support. The Medium-Firm four-layers include a cool gel memory foam insert that provides luxurious cushioning while remaining firm to gently frame your body on an ultra soft polyester top fabric – bringing together everything needed for optimal restful sleep!

NEW: The Soft version of our Adventure Wagon replacement mattress offers 5″ thick foam
with three-layers of softer foam for additional comfort.

Maximum Comfort

Enjoy the optimal comfort and support of a RoamRest AdWag replacement mattress on your next adventure. Our 5″ thick foam layers are expertly crafted to ensure you enjoy plush rest, while cooling memory inserts provide extra relief in warmer climates. For those seeking an even softer experience, try our Softer model and bring coziness wherever life takes you!

Design & Fitment

Our innovative zippered hinge design provides essential versatility and comfort, effortlessly converting your van mattress from a bed to a sofa in seconds. When not in use, it can be folded up and stacked on the platform panels for maximum space-saving convenience — so you’ll always have room to take your Van Life adventures further!


Our polyester top fabric ensures superior water and abrasion resistance, while our low-slip polyurethane coated nylon side and bottom fabric provide enhanced durability to stand up against wear. For further longevity of your product, removable zippered covers allow for easy hand cleaning with a light soap solution – just air dry when finished!


    . Our mattresses feature:

    5” thick high performance/ low profile foam mattress, available in 2 options:
    Medium-Firm: 4-layers include 1” soft confirming foam, 1” cool gel memory foam, 1” performance soft foam and 2” supportive base later
    Soft: 3-layers include 2” soft conforming foam, 2” performance medium foam, 1” supportive base
    Detachable zipper design for extreme versatility
    Contoured corners for a perfect fit in most van models and bed platforms – select your correct sizing
    Water and abrasion resistant soft polyester top fabric and low-slip nylon coated side fabric for easy cleaning
    Want increase the size of your sleep space? Check out our NEW RoamRest Flare Inserts!
    All of our high-quality products are specially designed for a comfortable sleep experience, providing superior support no matter where your journey takes you!

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