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Mercedes Sprinter Adjustable Roof Rack by FreedomVanGo

$2,595.95 USD

Our racks are designed to be the Ultimate DIY Van friendly system!

  • 144" Vans come with 6 mounting brackets, 4 crossbars, and all hardware needed to install the rack to your van.

  • 170" Vans come with 6 mounting brackets, 5 crossbars, and all hardware needed to install the rack to your van.

  • All hardware is 304 Stainless Steel, with locking hardware. 

  • Please use anti-seize on ALL fasteners before installing nuts. 

  • All crossbars and mount brackets are user-configurable along the side rails. 

  • All the vertical ties have a 5/16 hole to mount your awning, shovels, lights, or any other accessory you want!

  • No custom changes. 

  • We do offer additional brackets, mounts, crossbars for your racks to mount even more stuff!

  • Check out our Roof Panels
  • Need Roof Tracks to mount the rack? Check out the VanTech Roof Tracks for 144" and 170" Wheelbases.
  • Ladder awning, light bar, lights sold separately

  • Email for information!

  • Caleb@freedomvango.com

Roof racks for shipping will have the costs that are located to the right of the page added based on location after purchase.

Roof racks that are shipped powder coated have no warranty, guarantee, or promise of not being damaged in shipping. We 100% suggest that you order a raw rack and have it powder coated locally. To keep costs to the customer down, we do not crate the racks for shipping. They are wrapped in foam and shipped via our shipping handler.


**Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a roof rack installation**