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FreedomVanGo Roof Vent Fan Wiring Harness

$130.00 USD

As we try and help you with your van builds, we found people asking for pre made wiring harnesses.  In that vain, we decided start making them!

This is the Roof Vent Fan Wiring Harness

This allows you to connect two fans, on one circuit to your fuse box.

The harness is 20 ft of 12AG until the split, then 5 ft for one fan, and 15 ft for the second fan. This harness allows you to wire any length van, with fans in any position in the van.  

We also include all the marine grade connectors you need for fan hookup, and fuse box hookup. 

Al wires are covered with cut and abrasion resistant loom and adhesive heat shrink for the ends are included as well. 

Install your fan wiring in under 15 minutes!