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Ruuvi Gateway
Ruuvi Gateway
Ruuvi Gateway

Ruuvi Gateway

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With Ruuvi Gateway, you can read your Ruuvi sensors from anywhere in the world. Connect your Gateway to the Internet via Wi-Fi (WLAN) or Ethernet, and you won’t ever again need to worry about being out of Bluetooth range. Ruuvi Gateway is fully compatible with all Ruuvi sensors, old and new.

Package includes: Ruuvi Gateway, Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, user manual.

* “Ruuvi Pro” plan is FREE until the end of 2022.
* Ruuvi Gateway can send data to a 3rd party server via HTTP/MQTT, or it can be used with Home Assistant integration without monthly fees.
* Free, Basic and Pro plans are designed for non-critical uses only. While we keep the services up and functional as well as we possibly can, no 100% uptime and data retention is assured.
* Old history data on the Basic and Pro plans is pruned. Data is held at update interval for 24 hours and older data is stored at 15 minute interval.
* Subscription plans will be billed annually by default. Downgrading is always possible without additional fees.
* Ruuvi reserves the right to make changes to pricing and feature selection.

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