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S&B 47 Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank for 2019 + Mercedes Sprinters

$1,549.00 USD

Made for 2019-Current Mercedes Sprinters 144" and 170" WB

One of the biggest pain points with a built-out Sprinter is the undersized fuel tank. The whole point of an adventure van is to get off the beaten path. The problem is that every adventure seems to include constant fuel stops. Additionally, vans need more than 1/3 of a tank diesel for the heating system to run properly.

This new Sprinter high capacity 47 gal replacement tank upgrades the stock 26gal and almost doubles the capacity! Now the only limiting factor on your journeys might be your bladder :)

This tank is manufactured just like the factory tank and bolts right into the same location (inside the frame rails). Also includes the aux port for your heating system that comes on the factory tank. Manufactured from a higher grade of polyethylene (the material in the factory tank) means it's even more rugged than the factory!


  • Fits: VS30 Sprinters and Storyteller Overland Vans
  • 47gal
  • Direct bolt-on
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Maintains ground clearance 
  • Only 47lbs
  • Trail tested
  • Auxillary heater port (for Espar and other diesel heating systems)
  • The fuel gauge works normally, no adjustment needs to be made
  • *Digital "miles to empty" on the trip computer will no longer be accurate


*Tank does NOT FIT REVEL.

**Some vans with older software may require a software update for the fuel level to read properly 

Professional installation is suggested. Installation is additional.

Important Note:
Due to variations such as:
Aftermarket Seat Installation
Aftermarket Side Step brackets
Aftermarket Drains
Mounting hardware added after factory build
This tank may not fit.  It is up to the van owner/builder to determine if it will fit.  

Some builds can have additional tanks like gray water etc and these might make installation of the tank more difficult or impossible. Please be sure to check under your van before ordering. Returns for vans due to aftermarket equipment will be the responsibility of the customer.