Tinned Seamless Butt Splices
Tinned Seamless Butt Splices
Tinned Seamless Butt Splices

Tinned Seamless Butt Splices

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Butt splices are a simple way to repair or create a long-term electrical connection. They are easy to use and built for longevity. Seamless tinned butt splices are available in non-insulated only. How do you use seamless tinned butt splices? The first thing to do is cut and strip your wires to the proper length. Now, if you look inside the butt splice you will see there is an indentation. Insert your wire into the butt splice making sure it butts up to the indentation. Next simply crimp using the proper tool. This guarantees the correct amount of pressure ensuring a solid connection. Now, simply repeat the process on the other side and you're done. We would strongly recommend performing the tug test. This test ensures that the connection is solid. To do the test simply grab both wires coming out of the butt splice and gently tug two or three times.

When using seamless tinned butt splices, make sure you have properly stripped your wires to the correct length. When you look inside of the butt splice, you will see an indentation. Make sure your conductors butt up against that. Insert the wire making sure the insulation touches the butt splice. This reduces the risk of a weaker connection. Now, the splice is crimped with the proper tool. This crimp creates a solid connection. Next, repeat the process on the other side and perform the tug test to make sure that the wires don't pull out. This process creates a durable, lasting connection. Butt splices are used for their rapid installation and durability. Other methods of connection just don't offer the same level of protection

-E.T.P. (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) CDA-110
-ASTM-B-152 copper rated at 100% conductivity
-UL & CSA Approved
-RoHS Compliant

-Tin Plated

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