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Snactical Cookie Carrier | Limited Run

$34.99 USD

All those cookies the Cookie Monster was shoving into his mouth on ‘Seasame Street’? It will sadden you to know that they really were just painted rice cakes. Because the producers were worried the grease from real cookies would damage the Muppet. (We know, a part of us died too upon hearing that). 

The word “cookie” comes from a Dutch word koekje, which means “little cake.” Dutch settlers brought the first koekjes to the American Colonies and integrated both their treats and the word into American culture. On behalf of snack-loving, Americans everywhere we say, “thank you Dutch people!”

The world’s largest ever recorded cookie weighed over 40,000 lbs. Baking this chocolate chip behemoth took over eight months of planning on the part of the Immaculate Baking Co. Luckily, getting our cookie carrier won’t require nearly so much effort (or a crane). 

Our Snactical Cookie Carrier is the perfect way to put the world’s most delightful snack right at your fingertips. Whether your favorite cookie is classic chocolate chip, satisfying peanut butter, or spicy gingerbread. Even if you're one of the random weirdos who prefers oatmeal raisin —  get ‘snactical,’ and give cookies and a front seat on your next journey. Get the Cookie Carrier while supplies last!