RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023
RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023
RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023
RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023
RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023
RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023

RENNtech Sprinter Van ECU Upgrade 2007-2023

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Cut up to 4 seconds off your 0-60!

**The ECU upgrade is NOT currently compatible with the 2024 Sprinters or AWD Sprinters**

On our shop 170wb 4x4 with 265/75-16 and full buildout, testing showed a 17.95 0-60 (via obd2 app) before the RENNtech tune

After the tune, we saw a 14.0 second flat. 

This is the median of three runs total for each, throwing the fastest out, and the slowest out.  

4 Seconds to get to the speed limit is a huge change!

This unit does not change the speed limiter.

**If you have a midcity engineering or other remote start, you must disconnect the unit before loading the tune. If not, it will create issues**

All Mid-City Remote starters of any kind all come with a bypass plug to disconnect the system so our hht will work. It is the customer's responsibility to put in the bypass before tuning.

We will no longer take back or refund any hht’s because of not being able to tune if there is some kind of a remote starter installed.

Also if the customer bricks his ecu (not being able to start it) because of trying to tune without bypassing the remote start there is a $500.00 charge plus shipping cost to un-brick the ecu.

Please see link below with a video.

How to Bypass SKSNG907 / SKSNG907RV SmartKey Starter® Using Jumpers - Mid City Engineering (


Our proprietary ECU upgrade offers significant gains in both power and torque without sacrificing daily driver reliability. This maximizes the already capable Sprinter's ability to transport large cargo or tow large loads without degrading performance.

Tuning is available for Mercedes Sprinter, Freightliner, Dodge, and Airstream Vans equipped with the 3.0L V6 Diesel Engine.

RENNtech HHT (handheld tuner) allows you the unlimited ability to switch between tuned and stock ECU programming and requires no ECU removal!


Our Impressions:

The biggest change isn't speed.  For us the largest benefit is the ability to safely merge with confidence with fast traffic, go up a long grade without losing speed while at 70 mph, and the ability to accelerate faster when you are in the 60-70mph range to pass someone.  


We keep these in stock and ready to go!  Ensure that you put your VIN number in the notes for faster tuning.  Typically ships next day.

 * No returns on Renntech Tuners. Due to the nature of installing a tune, any return or refunds would be at the sole discretion of Renntech. Returns on tunes are only accepted in situations where there is a problem that is unable to be resolved.

*Note - If your van is equipped with remote start equipment, you may need to unplug that remote start equipment to properly load the tune. We recommend installing at home and not before a big trip so that if there are any issues with the installation you are not at a remote location.

Stock Performance:
185 HP / 325 LB-FT
Modified Performance:
265 HP / 422 LB-FT
+80 HP / +97 LB-FT at the engine


The RENNtech Hand-Held Tuning Module creates significant gains in horsepower and torque across the vehicle’s entire powerband. By modifying ignition timing and throttle mapping, optimizing air-to-fuel ratios, increasing the engine’s rev limiter, and modifying boost mapping for turbo-charged vehicles, RENNtech performance software unleashes the true potential of your Mercedes. RENNtech HHT (Hand-Held Tuner) allows you the unlimited ability to switch between TUNED or STOCK ECU programming without ECU removal!

Our proprietary tuning module stores both the RENNtech TUNED file and your vehicle's STOCK firmware file. The module plugs directly into the OBD2 port and delivers the file directly to the ECU. Programming takes only a few minutes and the vehicle can be re-flashed any time and as many times as you wish. Tune or back to stock on the go!

RENNtech has been at the forefront of ECU tuning since electronic engine management since the mid-1980s. Decades of experience with BOSCH Engine Control Units, countless hours of in-house Research & Development along with exhaustive testing ensures that our ECU upgrades offer incredible performance gains and rock solid daily driver reliability.

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