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$2,398.00 USD

4x4 Sprinters are very capable and versatile vehicles, however many Sprinters have stiff factory ride over small bumps and extreme swaying on uneven ruts.  Van Compass has developed a custom tuned shock kit to improve the Sprinter’s handling both on and off the trail. Our custom tuned shocks smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and sharp, abrupt impacts. The bounce experienced over large bumps is reduced and the side to side sway over uneven surfaces is minimized.  Each set of shocks are specifically tuned per application. We have added a set of front sumo springs to increase spring rate, stability and reduce bottoming out. This kit is recommended for light passenger and cargo vans that see loads empty loads on the weekdays and then loaded with 1000lbs or more on trips or deliveries. The rear shocks can be adjusted for more damping when heavy loads are in the van. 


  • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
  • Enhances cornering stability
  • Controls large and small bumps more efficiently than the factory shocks
  • Reduces cross wind sway
  • The system is 100% bolt on with the provided mounts and hardware. All components are constructed of high quality materials here in the USA and are powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance.

This kit includes:

  • Front Falcon 2.25" piggy back 3.3 fast adjust shock and mounting system
  • Front 4x4 Sprinter Sumo Springs
  • Rear Falcon 2.25" piggy back SP2 3.3 fast adjust shocks
  • Dust boots

* New Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks are easy to reach for adjustment

NOTE:  The Falcon 3.3 SP2 Fast Adjust rear shocks are NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2  There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the large shock body of the Falcon shocks.  

NOTE - Some 2019+ Vans with rear A/C are not compatible with our front shock mounts. Please look in the passenger wheel well for a/c lines under the plastic fender liner. Winnebago Revels do not have the a/c line run here.

Simple installation with basic hand tools.


Front shocks 2007-2018

Rear shocks

 Front shocks 2019+