Stop-Stay Rear Door Struts by Canyon Adventure Vans
Stop-Stay Rear Door Struts by Canyon Adventure Vans

Stop-Stay Rear Door Struts by Canyon Adventure Vans

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Experience a transformation in functionality and safety with the STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System for your Mercedes Sprinter van. This system, equipped with advanced Rear Door Gas Struts, is a game-changer for 2019 and newer Sprinter models. It assures that your rear doors stay open reliably under any conditions, enhancing safety and ease of use during loading and unloading. 

The STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System addresses the common frustration of van doors that unexpectedly slam shut. By upgrading your Mercedes Sprinter with this innovative solution, you gain practicality and peace of mind. It makes your van more user-friendly, particularly in challenging environments with windy conditions or uneven terrains.

For Mercedes Sprinters 2019+

Key Highlights:

Ease of Opening: Effortlessly open your Sprinter's rear doors. The gas struts provide a smooth, gliding motion, reducing physical strain.

Stay-Open Feature: Once opened, the doors securely stay in place, immune to wind or abrupt movements.

Enhanced Safety: Protect your cargo and passengers from unexpected door closures.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for longevity and reliability.

Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup, designed to fit perfectly with your 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter.

Recommended Tool: Hand Rivet Nut Tool

Compatibility: Mercedes Sprinter Vans (2019+)

Material: High-grade metal and gas strut components

Installation: User-friendly, with an installation guide included.

Maintenance: Low maintenance, with easy-to-follow care instructions.

Warranty: Includes a standard warranty.

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