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Trail Creeper Multi-Purpose Mat

$77.99 USD

The indispensable mat for the outdoor lover and avid overlander. The Trail Creeper is a multi-purpose mat system that is compact enough to go wherever you need and built to last for serious work and play. 

What makes this mat unique is it's innovative clips that make the mat expandable and modular when you attach two or more together. You can clip Trail Creepers together end-to-end or side-by-side for various applications depending on what you need.

Single mats are great for:

  • Off-road vehicle repair
  • Firewood carrier
  • Range mat
  • Winch line dampener
  • Around camp
  • and more

Attach more than one together for:

  • Camp sleeping
  • Longer Range mat
  • and even more

As seen in Tread Magazine and Gear Junkie.

  • Save Your Back: The filling consists of both a closed-cell foam cushion on top, and a hard backing underneath to protect from rocks and sharp objects.
  • Easy to Clean: bottom is water-resistant Vinyl Coated Polyester (truck tarp).
  • Durable: made of mil-spec materials. Top fabric is made of rip resistant Cordura Nylon and - made to last a lifetime.
  • Modular and Expandable: easily attach 2 or more Trail Creepers together end to end or side by side for more working, playing, and sleeping area.
  • Comfortable: Soft enough to use as an impromptu ground insulation pad for sleeping.
  • Compact: easily folds and latches closed for easy storage and transport.

Trail Creeper is designed by Keith Wilson (Trail Creeper LLC) and Blue Ridge Overland Gear, Produced by Blue Ridge Overland Gear.

Trail Creeper multi-purpose mat