Transit EKKO Timberline Upgrade by Elwell

Transit EKKO Timberline Upgrade by Elwell

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Timberline is specifically designed to provide consistent heat and hot water, even in extreme temperatures. The system is programmed to efficiently manage energy using the Autoterm Binar Compact Heater, which is optimized for seamless use whether you’re traveling in high altitudes or at sea levels.

Comfortable heat is provided by automated air handlers that run softer or harder depending on what your climate demands. Should you want a quick boost of heat, a supplemental 120V heating element is also available when your motorhome is plugged into shore power. Set your desired temperature and enjoy your adventure with peace of mind, knowing that warmth and hot water will be waiting for you when you get back.

How it Works:
Timberline heat and hot water is generated by the Autoterm Binar D5, a powerful yet quiet diesel or gasoline heating unit made for the most adverse conditions. A heated glycol solution is circulated through the interior of the living space through quiet air handlers that provide soft, radiant heat.

The glycol is also circulated through an instantaneous water heat exchanger, which produces instant hot water for showers and kitchen use.

By using the diesel or gasoline burner coupled with the 120V electric element support, Timberline provides efficient comfort whether dry camping or plugged into shore power.

When the RV is cold, the fans run on high until the interior temperature starts to reach its target. The fans then automatically slow down and remain on low levels, maintaining the comfort levels inside.

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