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Van Compass Ford Transit 2013+ 1" Lift Coil Springs

$225.75 USD

Improve the ride quality and stance of your 2013-Present Ford Transit 150-350HD with the Van Compass Ford Transit 1” lift coil. Two spring rate options are available. Blue Coil – Factory Spring Rate; Red Coil – HD Spring Rate.  The blue coil retains the factory spring rate and returns the same plush ride as OEM while sitting 1” higher in the suspension travel for an increased 1” of compression travel.  For heavily built out camper vans and T-350 models nearing GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), we developed our HD Red Coil with a 10 % spring rate increase over stock to better handle the additional weight while still maintaining a true 1.0” of lift.   Note, spring lift heights will vary due to weight but we typically see 1.25” of lift out of our Transit springs over the factory springs. 

 *** Installation of front lift coils can create positive camber on Transit vans. There is no way to adjust for this. Our Topo lift kit has camber correction built into the strut spacer to correct this situation. VC is not responsible for vans with bad camber. **