Opti-Rate Striker 4x4 Lift Kit - 4x4 2015-22 2500 Sprinters by Van Compass

Opti-Rate Striker 4x4 Lift Kit - 4x4 2015-22 2500 Sprinters by Van Compass

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The Van Compass Striker lift kit creates the clearance needed to fit larger tires and push deeper into back country landscapes with confidence in the increased capability. Through years of careful development and design, we've created a system that lifts the van with as few compromises to the original design parameters of the vehicle as possible.

Using a mix of machined and welded spacers, we space the front subframe down to allow for the CVs, tie rods, and control arms to all cycle in their original geometry range set by Mercedes. At the rear, our Opti-Rate rear leaf spring pack is paired with a 2" lift block, longer sway bar links, shock relocation brackets, and bump stop spacers to ensure that nothing binds, over-extends, or can over-compress on axle articulation.

The innovative design of our Opti-Rate springs allows the end-user to fine tune their spring rate and ride height easily, and is best suited for vans heavy vans in the 9-10,000 lb range and higher, like upgraded Storytellers and Revels, 170 EXT vans with heavy interior build outs, or vans that will carry extra weight behind the rear axle on door carriers, hitch racks and trailers. With proper wheel offset and fender trimming, fitment of a 35 x 12.50 tire is possible, for a huge increase in traction and ground clearance.

-Front 2" strut spacers
-Front 2" subframe drop spacers
-Engine and transmission mount 2" lift spacers
-CNC Machined 2" steering shaft extension
-Low pressure power steering hose extension
-Front brake line relocation brackets
-Opti-Rate Rear leaf spring pack
-2" rear lift block
-Extended rear sway bar links
-Rear lower shock relocation brackets
-Rear bump stop drop brackets
-Wind assist or headlight leveling sensor bracket
-All necessary hardware and detailed instructions

With this lift kit, 35 x 12.50 (315/70R17 equivalent) tires can be fitted with the following conditions met:

-Removal of the front mudflaps.
-Slight trimming to the rear of the front fender opening.
-Trimming of the front bumper and front inner fender --well liner.
-Minimum 14mm wheel spacer (9/16") if retaining --factory 54mm offset steel wheels. This is for tire clearance between the inside of the tire and the strut and rear inner fender.
-Aftermarket wheels with an additional 14mm offset.

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