Van Compass Stage 1 System  - Sprinter 2007+ 3500, No Struts

Van Compass Stage 1 System - Sprinter 2007+ 3500, No Struts

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Factory Lift Block
Shock Tune
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Our Stage 1 kit is the foundational package all of the other kits are built from. It represents the best bang for your buck handling upgrade, and is ideal for many users. Our tuned Falcon shocks smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and shrug off abrupt impacts. Using our knowledge of suspension tuning, we're able to minimize side to side sway and balance out jarring impacts so that your van or motorhome maintains much better control and handles more predictably. We spec each set of Falcon shocks to your van's weight, please be sure to weigh your van to order the correct shock damping. The Sumo Spring front replacement bump stop adds improved spring progression and bottom out resistance, further controlling swaying and jarring impacts. This is a great kit for light weight adventure vans, work vans and lighter motorhomes. Great for older vans that need new shocks to replace high mileage units. Vans that are near the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) may want to add additional rear suspension parts to reduce rear suspension sag and improve stability.

Falcon 2.1 rear shock installation instructions:

To determine the actual weight of your vehicle, go to your local landfill to utilize their scale or use the CAT SCALE LOCATOR.

Stage 1 System Benefits:
-Reduce the back and forth sway over obstacles
-Enhances cornering stability
-Improved bottom out resistance
-Control large and small bumps more efficiently than factory shocks and bump stops
-Reduces cross wind sway
-The system is 100% bolt on

Included Components:
-Front Sumo Springs (pair) 500 LB with Light -tune, 1000 LB with Mid or Heavy tune
-Falcon 2.1 mono tube shocks

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