Stage 5 System, 2" Lift - Sprinter 2WD 2019+ 2500, No Struts by Van Compass

Stage 5 System, 2" Lift - Sprinter 2WD 2019+ 2500, No Struts by Van Compass

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Our Stage 5 kit is our ultimate 2WD for owners who want it all: improved stability with a better ride, added ground clearance from a more aggressive stance, and adjustability to adapt the handling to many payload and terrain conditions. Great for adventure vans that need a total transformation into off grid explorers! Using our knowledge of suspension tuning, we're able to minimize side to side sway and balance out jarring impacts so that your van or motorhome maintains much better control and handles more predictably. The Sumo Spring front replacement bump stop adds improved spring progression and bottom out resistance, further controlling swaying and jarring impacts. This is a great kit for light weight adventure vans, work vans and any van that sees a wide range of payload and terrain. Great for older vans that need new shocks to replace high mileage units. We spec each set of Falcon shocks to your van's weight, please be sure to weigh your van to order the correct shock damping. Vans that are near the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) may want to add additional rear suspension parts to reduce rear suspension sag and improve stability.

The cornerstone of our Stage 5 kit is the fully adjustable Falcon Piggyback Reservoir 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks. These shocks have a MASSIVE range of compression adjustment at the simple flip of a knob. With the large, red Fast Adjust knob, placed in an easy to access spot, you will definitely take advantage of the adjustment features of these shocks. Position 1, the softest setting, is optimized for rough dirt road travel. Setting the knob to position 2, and utilizing the micro dial to fine tune, sets the shocks for everyday comfort and is the preferred setting for everyday road going travel. This is your van’s every day normal running around town setting. Position 3, the firmest setting, will engage maximum stability for loaded highway travel and treacherous cross wind conditions. Cross wind sway, poor cornering stability, low speed rocking and harshness are a thing of the past with the Van Compass Stage 5 kit installed!



  • VS30 2500 and 3500 Front Lift Installation Instructions:


  • VS30 2500 Rear Lift Installation Instructions:


  • Falcon 3.3 Rear Shock Installation Instructions:


  • Falcon 3.3 Shock Settings Guide:

    Stage 5 system benefits:
    -Aggressive stance allows larger tires to smooth out terrain
    -Intuitive adjustment of rear shocks allows increased adaptability to varying terrain and payload
    -Reduce the back and forth sway over obstacles
    -Enhances cornering stability
    -Improved bottom out control
    -Control large and small bumps more efficiently than factory shocks and bump stops
    -Reduces cross wind sway
    -The system is 100% bolt on

    Included Components:
    -Striker 2" Lift Kit
    -Front Sumo Springs
    -Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust rear shocks

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