VISORDOK Track for Sprinter 2019+ by TERRA X
VISORDOK Track for Sprinter 2019+ by TERRA X
VISORDOK Track for Sprinter 2019+ by TERRA X

VISORDOK Track for Sprinter 2019+ by TERRA X

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 Introducing the TERRA X VISORDOK TRACK MOUNT! Designed with our adventurous  customers in mind, this innovative product allows you to leverage the versatility of the track balls you already use on your Navidok, creating a cohesive and efficient accessory system for your overlanding adventures. 

The TERRA X Visordok Track Mount is designed for a simple and straightforward DIY installation process, utilizing your van's factory sun visor clips. This hassle-free approach allows you to quickly and easily integrate the Visordok Track Mount into your existing setup, without the need for complex tools or modifications.

The Visordok Track Mount is made in-house with 3D-printed nylon visor brackets, which provide a sturdy and reliable foundation for your accessories. These brackets are engineered to withstand the rigors of the road, delivering exceptional performance and longevity. It also features a RAM Tough Track, renowned for its strength and adaptability. This track system allows you to easily customize the placement of your accessories, ensuring that your gear is always within reach and optimally positioned for your specific needs.

Once installed, the Visordok Track Mount pairs with T Bolt Track Balls, which enable you to effortlessly mount and adjust your devices for optimal accessibility and visibility. This versatile combination opens up a world of possibilities for organizing your van's interior and keeping your essential gear within easy reach.

The Visordok Track Mount is perfect for accommodating a wide array of devices that are crucial to your overlanding experience. Whether you need a secure and convenient spot for your Switch Pros switches, Garmin Tread, radios, phones, iPads, or any other gadgets, this innovative product provides a reliable and adaptable mounting solution. With the TERRA X Visordok Track Mount, you can declutter your dashboard, streamline your setup, and focus on what matters most – enjoying your adventures to the fullest.

The Visordok Track Mount works with or without a rearview mirror. Your mirror will be blocked if you mount a device in front of it.

The Visordok Track Mount  is not compatible with a low headliner shelf

(1) Assembled VisorDok
(2) Mounting Bolts

T30 Torx Screwdriver

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